For Sale!

We are currently taking orders for our heart healthy and very lean Beef.
It is lower in fat and cholesterol than
other beef breeds and it tastes great!
Texas Longhorns are breed specific and should not be confused
with everyday beef bought at the store.
These animals are hand fed and well cared for, with very little stress
and humanely treated.
Our beef is pasture/grass raised with no
artificial growth hormones or antibiotics.
Texas Longorns are naturally lean but provide a fabulous
tasting beef product that is not dry or tough!
The beef is processed in an Alberta Government Inspected facility!
Price includes cutting, wrapping and delivery (within the Calgary Area)
Other delivery options are available.
$3.65 / pound hanging weight.
We also sell professionally cleaned Longhorn Skulls!
Call for pictures and pricing!
Please call 403-540- for more information.