He is a 14 months old salt and pepper and was rescued from a bad situation. His previous owner was not properly educated on this animals needs, so his nails were badly overgrown and had actually punctured his feet. *Hedgehogs need their nails trimmed at least once a month. This can be easily done at home in a few minutes* Now after a few months of love and an expensive vet bill he is in tip-top shape and starting to get over his tough start at life.

He is now looking for a forever home with people who know how to care for hedgehogs. He will be coming with his new 40 gallon tank (4ft of floor space), running wheel, hiddy hut, food and water dish and his favorite toy... a dish rag! He will aslo be coming with his powdered calcium and whats left of his high quality food (a mix of hedgehog food, acanna puppy food, and origin cat food.

He enjoys time spent outside when the weather is nice, and is good with bathing and getting his claws trimmed in the kitchen sink. Although he is a bit shy he does warm up to you with some time and patience. (typical of most hedggies)

If you are commited to taking care of this little guy, please email with some info about yourself and your knowledge of hedgehogs, and make me an offer. Like I said, it was expensive to get him back on his feet again, so I am looking for someone who is willing to pay a fair price.

Hedgehog (from pet stores) - $100-$150

Vet bill - $180
New tank - $100
Food - $20