Here are the geckos that I have for sale.

Pict. 1 Aptor female . 38 g. Proven breeder $80

Pict.2 Sunglow Aptor female Jan. 29 45 g. $120

Pict. 3 Sunglow Apror female Jan. 29 39 g. $130 Pict.

For an extra $40, I can give you a 10 gallon terrarium starter kit. I also have a 5 gallon terrarim for $15.
I also have a 2 foot piece of 11 in heat tape for $5.

I am willing to make deals on moltiple geckos, tanks ore both together. All geckos come with 150 meal worms. Aditional meal worms can be purchased for $2 per 100 worms.

I also have meal worm starter colonies for sale. They come with 20 beetles, 15 pupa and 100 worms. With one of thees starter colonies you can be feeding your gecko for free in about 2 months.The mealworm starter group is $15.

Email with any questions.