Approx 3 1/2 year old and approx 4ft long MALE Ball Python

I am selling him becasue I have recently started going to college, and I just dont spend enough time with him and its not fair to him to keep him cooped up all the time, Ive bascially just been taking him out to feed him and thats it....he isnt happy being a caged snake and thats it.

He is eating one medium frozen rat once a week, and he is very healthy. He has been to the vet twice since i got him for regular checkups. He is very friendly, he hasent bitten anyone since Ive owned him.

For the $350 you are getting:
Meryck (the snake)
Nighttime Light (red/heat)
Daytime Light (white/heat)
Stick On Heating Pad
Large Piece of Heavy Driftwood (helps him shed)
Exo-Terra Temperature Gauge
Suction Cup Plants (approx 8)
Jungle Earth and Moss
Water Box
Exo-Terra Red Light Fogger
Lock Top Screen Top

I would like to see him go to a safe home and go somewhere where he wont just be a display pet...I really dont want to sell him, but my studies have been my priority lately and im sure he just isnt happy anymore...I used to take him out every second day for a few hours.

Thank you for your time, If you are interested, email me and you can ask me any questions you like...i would like to get him to a new home asap to minimize his stress.

Thanks again, and have a great day.

$350 obo (check out my other ads)